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Ordering Your Pet Portrait.....

This section is all about how to go about ordering your pet portrait, including details such as reference photos, size, background options and framing.  I try and make sure this process is as easy as possible for you, and am happy to help with your ideas to bring what you have in mind to life. Gift Vouchers are also available if you've left it too late for commissioning a portrait in time for a certain date. Vouchers can also be a lovely gift because they allow the recipient complete involvement in the process of their portrait.

The most important thing about ordering a pet portrait is the reference photos. Above, you can see an example of the sort of detail I need to see in a reference photo. See my photo tips page for a few handy hits of getting the most out of your photos. On the left is a reference photo of Lola. On the right, you can see the portrait I have created of her., working from the reference photo.  I can only draw what I see, so the clearer the reference photo, the better your portrait will be. 
The Process.........

Step 1

Pop me an email at with your photographs you wish me to use for your pet portrait.  Send as many as you like, letting me know which are your favourites and why. Perhaps tell me a little about the pet as well so that I can get to know a little bit about them.  The photos should be high resolution images . Please also mention if this portrait is needed by a certain date, such as a birthday, so that I can check and make sure I can accommodate you. 

I will take a look at the photographs and I will decide if they are suitable to work from, and if so, I will point out which one I think would work best. 

Step 2

Once we have decided on which photograph to use, we can discuss what size you would like, and if you require a background to be drawn or not. I will also ask if you would like me to frame the artwork for you. As standard I use a solid oak flat profile frame with a double white mount, but if you have something else in mind, I will be happy to discuss other options. I use a local framer who makes each frame by hand for me. I will also ask if you require me to post the portrait to you. (I am based in West Norfolk, so if you are local you are welcome to collect. Please note that I am happy to post framed or unframed art to UK mainland, but I can only post unframed artwork overseas, as the risk of the frame getting damaged in transit is too risky).

The size of the portrait is very much up to you, but a full body portrait will obviously look better on some of the larger sizes, and equally if you would like for instance two or three dogs, even if it's just the heads and chests you want drawn in one portrait, then again I will not be able to fit these in the smaller sizes. I will be very happy to discuss options with you if you are not sure. ​

Once the above details are confirmed, I will confirm a breakdown of costs, and if you would like to go ahead, I ask for a 50% deposit for you to secure a place on my waiting list. (I will send you details on how to pay - I can accept bank transfer or Paypal). I will at this stage let you know roughly when I expect to start your portrait. 

Step 3
If required, I will create some mock ups on photoshop for you prior to starting your portrait. These are not always necessary, but can be helpful when I am drawing a portrait with multiple pets, to help us decide on composition, or if for instance you are unsure what background colour you might like. 
Once this has been decided, I will then start work on your portrait. I put a lot of time, effort and love into each and every one of my portraits - I very much want to make sure they are just right. Once the portrait is complete, I will send a photograph of the finished piece for your approval. At this stage, I am happy to make small adjustments if required. 
Once you are 100% happy, I will frame the portrait (if you have requested that I frame it for you) and then it will be ready for collection or will be packaged up for posting. The final balance is due when the portrait is complete. If I am posting the portrait, it will be posted after the balance is paid. If you are collecting, you can pay the balance prior to collection or I can take card or cash on your arrival. 
So in a nutshell, these are the basic stages:
  • Reference photos - we need high resolution ones and will need to decide which one to use
  • Other info - Do you need it by a certain date? What size would you like? Would you like me to frame it? Would you like a background drawn? Do you require me to post it to you?
  • Costs will be confirmed, and if you want to go ahead deposit will need to be paid 
  • You will be added to the waiting list, and I will contact you when I am starting your portrait and provide mockups if necessary
  • I will send you a photo when it is finished for approval
  • Once you are 100% happy, balance will need to be paid and I will post the piece or you can collect 
If you have any questions or special requirements, I am always very happy to help. You can send any enquiries to me at

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